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CRMS - Clinical Research Management System for the entire research life cycle.

From subject recruitment through study development and analysis, mdlogix understands research. We offer the most comprehensive Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) on the market.

Accelerating Clinical Science

News!  mdlogix: helping patients, improving health care services, and reducing costs through BH-Works Expansion in Pennsylvania

Clinical science is one of the most complex and critical areas of Human endeavor. The accuracy and speed with which it is performed, and the ability of researchers to collaborate on its objectives, have a direct impact on the health of people around the world. At Medical Decision Logic, Inc. (“mdlogix”), we are committed to supporting the efforts of researchers and clinicians by providing them with the technologies, tools, and practices they need to work faster and better.

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In Their Own Words

"Since we began using CRMS, we increased the number of studies by 30% while only increasing research personnel by 5%"

Dan Ford: MD, MPH, ,
Johns Hopkins University

"BH-Works is one of the great innovations of our time in assisting with universal screening in behavioral health and ED settings. This potentially can serve as an early alert system which can help save lives."

Melanie Puorto-Conte: ,
New York State Office of Mental Health

"The mdlogix system is helping transform the face of autism research as we know it."

Paul Law: MD, PhD, Director, Interactive Autism Registry Project,
Kennedy Krieger Institute